The XION™ PEM-AQUIVION is stable under acidic and neutral conditions. This membrane can be used in fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrodialysis, redox flow batteries, electrochemical compressors, sensors, and a wide variety of other devices. All Xion™ membranes have high selectivity, high chemical resistance, and durability. The image shows the chemical composition of the Aquivion resin. The Xion™ PEM-Aquivion is a reinforced composite ion exchange membrane that provides excellent mechanical strength and stability to a wide variety of ionomer chemistries.  The mechanical reinforcement is the microporous expanded PTFE matrix, which has excellent thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability under various conditions.

Benefits of Xion Composite Aquivion Membranes:

-High proton or cation conductivity
-Great chemical stability at low and high temperatures
-Ultra-thin membranes with excellent mechanical strength

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