DAPPION Gen1 dispersions (also known as advanced anion exchange ionomers) are highly conductive and stable liquid solutions, and therefore useful for incorporation into electrode layers involving anion exchange membranes (AEM) and alkaline electrodes. The ionomer structure is composed of a 3-D polyphenylene backbone with a benzyl trimethyl ammonium functional group and has excellent high-temperature operational stability. This dispersion/ionomer product can be used in electrode layers (such as preparing the catalyst inks or slurries for fabrication of catalyzed gas diffusion layers or gas diffusion electrodes, GDEs, etc.), production of self-supporting membranes, mechanically reinforced membranes, and anion exchange layers.

Dappion dispersion products can be used in various electrochemical applications including fuel cells, electrolyzers, sensors, and flow batteries, and various other electrochemical applications/technologies.


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