DYNEON Dispersion is a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer/dispersion and it is based on the world-renown 3M Dyneon resin material with short side-chain properties Dyneon dispersions are based on the unique Short Side Chain (SSC). The unique SSC copolymer allows higher crystallinity, improved mechanical properties, and better proton conductivity compared to the Long Side Chain forms of the PFSA dispersions.

These dispersions can be used to produce PEM fuel cell electrodes and electrochemical cell electrodes, to manufacture or repair ion exchange membranes, to produce super-acid catalysts, and for the surface treatment of PTFE membranes to improve their wetting behavior.

Key Advantages of Dyneon’s Short Side Chain Based PFSA Dispersions:

  • Very high concentration of functional groups for strong proton (or Na+, K+, Li+, etc.) conductivity
  • High softening point for high-temperature operation well above 80 ºC
  • Strong water retention for better fuel cell operation at low-humidity conditions for membranes or catalyst inks that are utilizing this dispersion material

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